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Skin Ski Surf Ballarat

2024 Ronix 130 Vault with Vision Boots Size 5-8

2024 Ronix 130 Vault with Vision Boots Size 5-8

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The stepping-stone to adulthood just shed some weight and added more feel for the water.

ROCKER: 3-Stage


ENERGY: Neutral: 4

RIDING STYLE: Boat / Entry Level / Intermediate

Not a grom anymore, but don't want to be associated with the mundane look of Dad's board? We proudly present the stepping-stone to adulthood - the 125 / 130 Vault. Built with all of the features of our other innovative Vault boards, just with a lighter glass layup. Now, regardless of a toeside or a heelside cut, a rider feels more secure with their approach. New for 2022 we put the Vault on a diet and took almost 20% of the weight out. Now a rider has more feedback with the water, less swing weight in the air and easier turns.

  • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • 2 Fibreglass 1.7" Hook Fins
  • 4 Molded-in Fins
  • Designed for the Building Block to Wakeboarding





18 - 24

UP TO 50


19 - 25

UP TO 57


The first of its kind, a fit engineered specifically for kids. Built on our MainFrame chassis to adapt to the feet of wakeboarding's future as they cinch up our AutoLock lacing mechanism. A fully loaded, easy entry, comfortable boot, constructed for the next generation.

  • MainFrame Technology
  • AutoLock Technology
  • Stage 1 Liner
  • Classic S.O.L.E.
  • Built in Ankle Support
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