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2023 Future Omni Monster BWF with Stance 110 Boots

2023 Future Omni Monster BWF with Stance 110 Boots

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The All-Over Ski

63” - Boot size 5-8

Recommended Speed: Up to 34mph

The OMNI waterski is optimized for the skier who needs one ski to do everything. Great behind virtually any watercraft on nearly any waterway,it’s wide platform provides easy deep-water starts, smooth-as-butter turns, stable wake crossings and endless fun on the water! Master your skills by progressing quickly with a ski that does it all!

Key Features

  • Clean Edge Tail: 50% less drag and more acceleration with less skier
  • Hybrid Width: Higher turn performance
  • Traditional Construction: Fiberglass Polyurethane composite structure 

More Features

  • Continuous Rockerline
  • Deep Concave
  • Switchblade Fin System with Asher Balance Fin
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