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Dragon Baile 25 LL Ion

Dragon Baile 25 LL Ion

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The dawning of Micks 25th anniversary with Dragon saw the introduction of a new, unique limited-edition Baile. Featuring LUMALENS Silver Ion Lenses to celebrate the milestone, custom internal arm printing, and Mick’s signature etched into the lens – this is one not to be missed. The Baile is a testament to Dragon and Mick’s heritage, diving deep into the storied roots of traditional surf folklore through timeless design and an everlasting friendship spanning the better half of a lifetime—25 years. Three World Titles, 436 heat wins, iconic video parts, and more time spent on rail than almost any surfer alive and by his side through all of it—Dragon. An alliance bound by Mick’s signature sunglass, the Baile.

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