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2023 Ronix Standard Core Brightside/Straps

2023 Ronix Standard Core Brightside/Straps

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The Ronix Standard Brightside gives you the perfect entry into the world of wakesurfing, offering a board that can cover all grounds from surf to skim. The Standard surf range features Ronix entry-style construction, built to have classic surf capabilities in an updated lightweight, durable construction. What are we saying? No matter how many times you attempt to throw a bottom edge out or creep too close to the board, there's no worry about damage. From a shape perspective, the Modello Brightside gives you a shape that can carve up waves with ease and get you surfing like a pro. For those beginners who don't feel too confident in themselves, the Brightside also comes with a set of foot straps, so getting up only gets easier.

Materials & Construction

  • MOD Pour Foam – When you want strength to weight ratio, you use MOD Pour Foam; Ronix’s special sauce of an alternative core is ultra-stiff, lightweight, and ultra Ronix.
  • Compression Molded - Making sure you have no blemishes and your board is the same every time you get one out of the box.


  • Hybrid Swallow Tail Profile - A mixed design makes the surfer incredibly easy to handle but offers room to progress your riding.


  • Clean Base - Allows the surfer to rely on its rails and give that true surf-inspired feel.


  • Sharp Rail - A more responsive wakeboard-like rail, so when you lean into your edges, your surfer will respond fast and easily.

Other Features

  • Machined EVA Concaved Pad


  • Polycarbonate Fins
    • 1x Symmetrical 2.9" Fins
    • 2x Symmetrical 2.3" Fins


  • Style: Hybrid Surf/Skim


(4'9") - 61Kgs to 84Kgs

(5'2") - 80Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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