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Sf Whl F4 99D Conical Full 54M

Sf Whl F4 99D Conical Full 54M

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Spitfire Wheel – Formula 4 99D Conical Full   54mm – Thinner, lighter hand cut round edge design with wider riding surface for more control, speed and ultra responsive slide.

Wider riding surface and cutaway design for unmatched control and lasting speed everywhere.

Spitfire wheels providing skateboarders with confidence on these Spitfire formula 4 99D conical full   wheels. spitfire classic wheels is the #1 Shape in skateboarding worldwide – proven for speed and control. Spitfire formula 4 wheels are  known for the unmatched abrasion resistance which equals fewer flat spots Smooth anti-stick slide – more controllable grip – lasting speed, giving the skater  perfect performance with the 100% True Performance Urethane.

  • Wheel shape: Conical Full / symmetrical
  • Wheel size: 54mm
  • Width: 34mm / Riding Surface: 22mm
  • Duro: 99du
  • Spitfire Formula: Formula Four
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