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The 2020 DC PBJ is a true twin freestyle board dialled in to dominate any feature you can find. From the streets to pro-level features, the PBJ can handle it all thanks to a combination of poppy, powerful traditional camber, lightweight construction, and a mid flex that promotes a more playful riding style but still allows you to send it. 

*Base colours are random


Board Type: Park

Camber Type: Traditional Camber

Traditional Camber is the original camber profile, delivering unmatched pop and response. 

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A versatile mid flex that can ride all over the mountain.

Shape: Twin

True twin snowboards are 100% symmetrical with an identical nose and tail. The flex pattern and sidecut is uniform throughout, and will feel the same whether you are riding switch or regular, so you can jib, jump and spin with ease!

Core: Stratus

The Stratus core uses certified Poplar wood for a smooth flexing, lightweight ride. Added strength is also added to the boards core with two central beech stringers, running from tip to tail.

Base: TrueBase

Extruded True Base is an easy care material that is easily repairable and wont get too upset if you forget to wax it for a while. 

Additional Features:

3 Degree Bevel - The extra bevel on the base edge means that you get a board that is easy to ride for beginners, and can be ridden on rails straight out of the wrapper by expert riders.

Radius 2 Flat - Flat surfaces on the nose and tail of the board give you extra lift in deep snow, while still blending perfectly into the sidecut for smooth and effortless turns.