2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build
2021 Senate Pro Build

2021 Senate Pro Build

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The Senate’s ability to carry speed is unmatched in the industry. This speed allows the skier to maintain width on the boat ultimately giving a sense of freedom sought after by those that ski in the course as well as those ripping open water turns. By taking our Vapor shape and adding two tenths of an inch in extra width we have created a stable riding platform. This platform creates the balance needed for a skier to feel at home, while the profile of the ski allows the skier to feel the speed and angle sought after at any level.

CorFlex - The corrugated contours through the tip of the ski allows it to flex when loaded at the finish of the turn. The ski is easier to turn, quicker to accelerate, and creates space more efficiently before the buoy.

Tip Rocker - Starting the tip rocker directly at the end of the flat spot gives the ski more fluidity and makes the transition from turning to pulling seamless. More rocker in the tip helps the finish of the turn happen more quickly and with more stability.

Flat Spot - The flat spot is your balance point, by making this point right at the toes of your front foot you get a balanced place to stand at every single turn. This balance allows you to stand with confidence and make symmetrical turns on both sides of the course.

Straight Lines - Our unique straight lines allow the ski to be the fastest on the market. The lack of outside radius decreases drag and lets the ski flow with ease from side to side. In turn, you’re getting more cross course speed than any other ski on the market.

Rocker - Rocker defines the pivot point on a ski; we’ve moved that contact point closer to the ball of your front foot, which helps the ski pivot easier. The tight radius quick turns are then balanced with our new tail rocker lines that add tail support off the buoy, giving you the ability to build more speed from a wider point

Edge Angle - At two tenths of an inch wider than the Vapor, the width of the Senate allows the ski to roll on edge at a moderate level. This width allows a skier to progress with ease as they instantly feel the balance and control of the bigger riding platform.


PMI foam is undoubtedly the lightest, most responsive foam on the market. We wrap that foam in Textreme spread tow carbon to make this all-new Senate the fastest, most aggressive Senate we’ve ever created. Now those skiing 28-34 MPH in the course truly have a Race car of a Senate to write home about. 

  • PMI Core - Lightweight, high density, most response
  • Textreme Carbon - Lighter, stronger composites
  • CorFlex - Optimizing the flex in your ski’s turning
  • Carbon Rods – Zonal flex for the optimum layup
  • NFC Enabled - Information delivered simply
  • Radar Lab Made
  • Terrain – Course
  • Recommended Speed Range – 28-34 MPH / 46-55 KPH

Sizes / Recommended Weight Range:

  • 65” – Up to 170 lbs / Up to 77 kg
  • 67” – 160 – 200 lbs / 73 – 91 kg
  • 69” – 180 – 220 lbs / 82 – 100 kg

Surface Area:

  • 65” – 356.58 SQ”
  • 67” – 86 SQ”
  • 69” – 401.82 SQ” 

Max Width:

  • 65” – 6.91”
  • 67” – 7.12”
  • 69” – 7.33”